The QC division involves exceptionally gifted and experienced experts utilizing advanced testing techniques for the testing of dynamic pharmaceutical fixings, excipients, bundling parts and completed pharmaceutical measurements structures are done according to most recent pharmacopoeial principles. We have the assessment and endorsement framework for various suppliers at our Quality Control Laboratory.

  • Calibration in QC Lab

Calibration is an arrangement of operations that set up, under determined conditions the relationship between estimations of amounts demonstrated by a measuring instrument (or values spoke to by a material measure) and the comparing values acknowledged by norms. Here in worldwide pharmaceuticals, we have an intermittent Calibration program for every one of the types of gear/instruments. Alignment is being done inside and a few times through outside gatherings alongside traceability according to models.

  • Microbiology Lab

Microbiology research center is the key some portion of pharmaceutical industry in the cutting edge period. Testing of sterile and in addition Non-sterile dose frames according to standard methodology is unavoidable with the goal that pollution free items to be supplied to the end client. In Global Pharmaceuticals, we have very much outfitted miniaturized scale research center with exceptionally talented experts properly furnished with cutting edge instruments for the different microbiological testing of sterile items, Area observing, water testing and LAL (Litmus Amoebocyte Lysate) for Pyrogen testing. Sterility testing of the completed items is performed to guarantee the sterility of the parenteral items preceding their conveyance to the business sector.


List of Quality Control equipment used for Analysis

1-Analytical balances-


3-UV visible spectrophotometer

4-Magnatic stirrer

5-Melting point apparatus


7-pH meter

8-Flask shaker


10-Distillation apparatus


12-water bath

13- Polarimeter


15-Moistur balance

16-Volumetric flasks

17-Titration Flasks


19-separting funnels

20-filteration assembly

21-water bath



24- Muffle Furnace

25- Refractometer

26- Climatic chamber