Our IT office has altered nature drastically by utilizing and overseeing data with the help of PC based methods and instruments, we have dealt with our everything the working exceptionally smooth and all the working at Head Office and Factory in the distinctive divisions such as Accounts and Finance, Payroll, HR, Fixed Assets, Sales, Raw Material Store, Finished Goods Store, Production, QC/QA and so forth is electronic and composed.




As all the assembling needs can’t be satisfied locally, so in the today’s universe of globalization verging on each extensive assembling organization, particularly in the field of Pharmaceutical, needs to buy a lot of crude materials, apparatus and other related things from abroad. Here comes the need and significance of an imports office.

Thus imports division here at Aims Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd., has basic impact in the organization. Particularly in buying crude materials imports office contributes altogether. Imports division is in charge of getting crude materials, hardware and other required materials from everywhere throughout the world, from where the office finds suitable and gainful for the organization.


Under the initiative of Chief Executive Officer of Aims Pharmaceuticals, the organization has encountered enormous development. Points Pharmaceuticals administration group has broad operational, business, improvement, and money related experience and consequently can overcome numerous troubles effortlessly. The Senior Management Team is in charge of giving worldwide key course to guarantee both short and long–term development.




Organization division gives managerial backing to one or more supported ventures and is the foundation of each organization.
Also organization office here at Aims Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Ltd., has indispensable influence in the organization.


Evaluating is a basic capacity inside of a pharmaceutical organization as It furnishes administration with data about how successfully the organization controls the nature of their procedures and items.
The Mission of the Audit Department of Aims Pharma is to give autonomous, expert and target certification and counseling administrations intended to include esteem and enhance operations. Point’s Audit Department helps the organization to fulfill its goals by utilizing a proactive, methodical way to deal with assess and enhance the viability of danger administration, control and administration forms.
Points Pharma’s review group has broad operational and money related experience and along these lines is assuming a major vital part inside of the organization.




Aims Pharmaceuticals circulation supplies marked, nonspecific and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to more than 40,000 clients traversing 11 conveyances branches all through the nation. We offer focused worth through world-class sourcing, forcefully arranged estimating, and high-esteem refund terms.
This dedication to incredibleness and high administration levels has picked up the organization its notoriety for being a main accomplice to the human services division, both essential and auxiliary consideration and pharmaceutical industry.


Aims Pharmaceuticals has a world class, state-of-the-art raw material store.This store meets WHO and U.S. FDA guidelines for Good Storage Practices.




The Human Resources (HR) vision is to collaborate with the business to construct Aims pharma ability, capacities and society to execute the organization procedure, make shareholder esteem and satisfy our dedication to offer patients some assistance with prevailing over genuine maladies.


We have a solid set up of Quality Assurance to guarantee the in assembled nature of the items. Exceedingly gifted, experienced and proficient staff, not just guarantees the strict consistence of Local medication manages additionally the universal norms like rules of ICH, FDA and WHO. Quality Assurance is a completely autonomous office specifically reportable to the CEO and it contains Director QA, Deputy QA Manager, Asst. QA Manager. what’s more, QA Officers . It has professionally capable and experienced officers particularly having their obligations for different areas such as isolated staff for oral items and separate staff for sterile creation for checking and review of procedures. Quality Assurance has the accompanying goals:

  • To guarantee excellent generation by in procedure examining, examination and testing all through the procedure.
  • To guarantee and keep up reliable quality generation by in procedure examining, examination and testing all through the procedure.
  • To guarantee that SOPs are appropriately taken after.
  • To guarantee that the items are meeting all the required principles/details amid all the assembling and pressing procedures.
  • To screen and give direction to the partner with respect to capacity of items so that the item may not free its viability and intensity because of ecological elements i.e. temperature, mugginess.
  • To direct preparing of all quality affirmation staff to accomplish quality targets.
  • To direct a post assigning so as to advertise reconnaissance obligations to restorative delegates to send tests of their particular territories.




The QC division involves exceptionally gifted and experienced experts utilizing advanced testing techniques for the testing of dynamic pharmaceutical fixings, excipients, bundling parts and completed pharmaceutical measurements structures are done according to most recent pharmacopoeial principles. We have the assessment and endorsement framework for various suppliers at our Quality Control Laboratory.

  • Calibration in QC Lab

Calibration is an arrangement of operations that set up, under determined conditions the relationship between estimations of amounts demonstrated by a measuring instrument (or values spoke to by a material measure) and the comparing values acknowledged by norms. Here in worldwide pharmaceuticals, we have an intermittent Calibration program for every one of the types of gear/instruments. Alignment is being done inside and a few times through outside gatherings alongside traceability according to models.

  • Microbiology Lab

Microbiology research center is the key some portion of pharmaceutical industry in the cutting edge period. Testing of sterile and in addition Non-sterile dose frames according to standard methodology is unavoidable with the goal that pollution free items to be supplied to the end client. In Global Pharmaceuticals, we have very much outfitted miniaturized scale research center with exceptionally talented experts properly furnished with cutting edge instruments for the different microbiological testing of sterile items, Area observing, water testing and LAL (Litmus Amoebocyte Lysate) for Pyrogen testing. Sterility testing of the completed items is performed to guarantee the sterility of the parenteral items preceding their conveyance to the business sector.


Our designing office covers the entire segment of building which are necessary for a pharmaceutical assembling plant i.e. Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC and Civil and so on. In this way every segment is prompting assume a key part to satisfy all requirements to meet the creation focuses with amount and quality. Every area of designing office is resolved to keep up best GMP and EHS at each level.

All Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and HVAC exercises are finished independent from anyone else under brilliant supervision of area administrators, engineers and departmental head. All exercises are logged likewise to maintain a smooth documentation framework




Supply chain management (SCM) is the procedure of arranging, executing and controlling the operations of the production network with the reason to fulfill client prerequisites as effectively as could be expected under the circumstances. Production network administration compasses all development and capacity of crude parts, work-in-procedure stock and completed merchandise from purpose of-cause to purpose of-utilization. Real part of store network is to give right material at ideal time from right source with quality and economy for smooth running of business operations and to eventually fulfill the requirements of clients.